Texts by Medhananda

Here you find a choice of texts written by Medhananda:

1. Psychology in pictures
2. Paradise again
3. The closed scroll
4. What is a symbol
5. Building the inner being
6. Those eternal movements
7. Neter with a lasso
8. The Many and the One

What is a symbol?  
The value and the beauty of a symbol lie in the fact that it cannot be defined
or forever fixed in its meaning….

What does a flower or a feather or a star mean to us?

There is nothing in our universe, from the electron to the mega galaxy, which is not a symbol trying to teach us how to be man.
To look at a teaching image until we recognize ourselves in it is a preliminary step
towards self-knowledge. Flowers are teaching flowering, birds flying, and stars
shining - provided we admit to every symbol we meet: yes, this I am.

Insects metamorphosing from larva, to pupa, to flying adults, are teachers for those
ready for transforming themselves.

Symbols can be understood on as many levels as there are human levels of self-awareness…

If anyone has a reading which makes him and the symbols deeper, higher, and vaster, more united with himself and the wholeness of the universe, then by all means he should adopt it and remain faithful to it, till his next step on the ladder of evaluating himself and the symbols around him. There is always a possible next step. Symbols have a life of their own….

In ancient Egypt—and it remains true today—knowledge was identification.
And identification is oneness and illumination. On the way to this self-discovery all symbols are helpers, friends, and guides …each one a faithful aspect of ourselves…

  'Knowledge' of the     'vibrating' reality behind the veil'