Texts by Medhananda

Here you find a choice of texts written by Medhananda:

1. Psychology in pictures
2. Paradise again
3. The closed scroll
4. What is a symbol
5. Building the inner being
6. Those eternal movements
7. Neter with a lasso
8. The Many and the One

  Psychology in pictures, in symbols

We might ask ourselves, why are images necessary for the exploration of our inner world? But they are necessary even for the exploration of the outer world. We may repeat the word 'entropy' a thousand times, yet if we have no mental image connected with it, it will not help us to understand that basic concept of modern physics.

In the above picture we can recognize a symbolic message about self-awareness: the four big circles represent the supraconscious and the subconscious in 'beginners'. Those symbolic circles do not appear above and below the central figure of the 'master', because by becoming conscious of his whole scale of being he has integrated them into himself, he has become master of his multidimensional being.

Of course the value and the beauty of a symbol lie in the fact that it cannot be defined or forever fixed in its meaning…