Texts by Medhananda

Here you find a choice of texts written by Medhananda:

1. Psychology in pictures
2. Paradise again
3. The closed scroll
4. What is a symbol
5. Building the inner being
6. Those eternal movements
7. Neter with a lasso
8. The Many and the One


Neter with a lasso-head; from the tomb of Ramses VI.

Neter with a lasso

The role of the neteru, as shown in the picture above and in the hieroglyphs below, is to lasso and then to bind all the vibrations in us, to help us control them, domesticate them and make them work together for building and creating ourselves in individual resonance with the cosmic harmony.

N 'Ripple', wave,
primordial vibration,

t lasso, 'for tethering',

vibrating string, 'mouth'
self-creation, 'RE'.

How could our ancestors in the Golden Age of the past see the neteru so clearly as to be able to make pictures of them, while we see nothing?
When a modern scientist claims to have 'seen' a particle that jumped into existence for a mere nanosecond as a squiggle on the oscilloscope, or a quasar twelve billion light years away at the very brink of space and time, these sightings are conclusions drawn from very complex computations. It was under equally rigorous conditions and self-imposed discipline that our ancestors exposed, expectantly, their ultrasensitive monocular self-awareness to the presence of the eternal movements in themselves, until they could perceive them, relate to them and make pictures of them. Self-awareness became self-seeing.