Medhananda's research into the symbols of Ancient Egypt presents the thesis that the Egyptian images contain the teachings of a rich psychology of self-knowledge.
Behind the strange gods and figures he perceives a multiplicity of archetypes, inner movements, aspects of ourselves as well as universal principles.
Re the sun, Cheper the dung beetle or Mehen the snake reveal themselves as psychological teaching paradigms, as soul powers we have to discover and perfect on our way to total self-awareness…

Five new books on ancient Egypt written by Medhananda are now available
with this new approach to the images and symbols of ancient Egypt.


These five books written by Medhananda in close collaboration with Yvonne Artaud show us a great variety of Egyptian images, and by the help of the broad but condensed comments and interpretations we may achieve a deeper perception of our different aspects of being, of our many movements and states of consciousness.
As symbols are never limited in their vast multidimensional meaning, each one can encourage us to explore it (to explore ourselves) more deeply in the search of self-knowledge. The books are intended as a stimulus and a guide for such inner explorations.

More about the books
Content of the five books in brief

The Egyptian Shen-Ring,
symbol of all symbols,
represents the coming together
of the linear ordinary way of being
and the global plenary one
- in two words: time and eternity.
The art of passing from the one to the other,
and linking them at will,
is the secret of all dynamism and freedom.