The Eternity Game

is an

a meditation game, which is comparable to the Chinese I Ching or Tarot.
It contains 64 cards with

printed in different colours, and an extensive explanation that clearly indicates how to
consult the game, what the meaning is of every card and what the outcome of the game means to the player.

The game is a playful way to gain an insight into your

questions of life.

The game is based on the recognition that behind our visible reality,


are active,influencing us and the world we live in.
This game presents all the important powers in a way you can understand.
It gives them names,tells you who they are,
and what effect they have on us.

Play with it and you will get to know
the archetypes, the soulpowers, forces, dominions,
the thrones and kingdoms, embedded in


waiting to be explored.