Texts by Medhananda

Here you find a choice of texts written by Medhananda:

1. Psychology in pictures
2. Paradise again
3. The closed scroll
4. What is a symbol
5. Building the inner being
6. Those eternal movements
7. Neter with a lasso
8. The Many and the One


The closed scroll

The capacity of an educated Egyptian to see all things, as beings, as phenomena, as a closed scroll has got lost in later times. And with that loss, a whole part of our brain fell asleep. Everything had two aspects: the superficial corpuscular one, and the hidden vibratory origin containing its own energy and its own creative intent. So each word of the hieroglyphic script possessed two meanings at the same time: a superficial, literal, phonetic one which could be read aloud for everyone to hear, and a secret one, a hidden exegesis used as an individual exercise of identification and intended to give illumination.

For example, the basket meaning 'all', 'containing all', manifested a twofold universe.

There were the basket with the vulture - the material universe - constantly eating its own children and giving them new birth, and the basket with the snake, the uraeus animating the vibratory universe. Both baskets, represented side by side, were part of one of the five names of every pharaoh.

In order to remain in constant contact with his creative duality the pharaoh wore a tail, a reminder of his corpuscular evolution, while over his headcloth stood the rising snake, the living symbol of his fundamental vibratory nature.

Some of his names united both these aspects, such as, conscious vibratory container of the two realities.

This dual vision of the universe was constantly present to the Egyptian thinker. And the knowledge that each hieroglyph had a secret meaning lasted through the dark ages. But superstitious interpretations prevented their double-sided truth from emerging. The covering was lifted for the first time when quantum mechanics rediscovered the vibratory reality of everything - a finding which did not prevent our twentieth-century culture, our theology, philosophy, education from remaining corpuscular, reductionist and materialist. Whatever the resistance opposed by ignorance, a scroll is made to be unrolled, and its evolutionary unfolding has startet.